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Discover the power of simplicity with Consent On Demand. Our groundbreaking app revolutionizes the way you obtain explicit, single signer consent, transforming a complex necessity into a straightforward, hassle-free experience.

Intuitive User Experience Designed with you in mind, Consent On Demand boasts a user-friendly interface that guides you through the consent recording process with ease. Whether you’re managing consent for policy changes, work order changes, or anything you need a quick approval for, Consent On Demand caters to your needs with intuitive navigation and clear instructions.

Consent On Demand enables you to swiftly capture and record consent with just a few taps. Our secure platform ensures that every consent action is documented and date stamped, giving you peace of mind and a reliable locked PDF record to refer back to and keep on file.

We believe that clarity leads to empowerment. Consent On Demand provides a transparent pathway to ensure that all parties are on the same page. With our app, you’ll foster an environment of trust and accountability, paving the way for confident and informed interactions.

Insurance Agents/Brokers on Need a simple platform to obtain, store and access all your consents for the marketplace? Look no further – COD is simple, easy to use and allows you to obtain consent easily, via phone, tablet or computer and it takes only seconds to set up and send.

Select a Plan Type


or $120/Year

  • 1 user

  • Includes 50 sends per month*

*Sends do not roll over

You can purchase an additional user at any time for $5 per month, per user


or $200/Year

  • up to 5 users

  • Includes 150 sends per month*

*Sends do not roll over

You can purchase an additional user at any time for $5 per month, per user


or $500/Year

  • up to 20 users

  • Includes 675 sends per month*

*Sends do not roll over

You can purchase an additional user at any time for $5 per month, per user

Need more sends? Purchase a Send Pack.
These sends do not expire as long as you have an active subscription and can be used across all users.

250 Anytime Sends – $12 one-time charge
500 Anytime Sends – $25 one-time charge
1,000 Anytime Sends – $50 one-time charge

Key Features

Seamless Consent Records

Keep a clear and organized log of consents for any situation. Use the same consent language often? Our template feature allows you to create your template for quick access. Complete a consent in minutes, simple for you and your customer.

Real-Time Consent

No clunky process that takes too much time and a computer to configure. Quickly open Consent On Demand on any device – use a template or type up your consent and send to your recipient. They can sign in minutes.

Secure Data Protection

Rest assured that your consent records are safeguarded with Secure Access. You can view your Consents on your phone or desktop and you are able to download a PDF that can be sent via email/text or printed on demand.

Accessible Anywhere

With Consent On Demand, your consent records are at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need them. You are able to send a consent via phone, tablet or computer and the recipient is able to sign on all platforms.

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Works for ANY Industry

Consent on Demand works for all industries and scenarios. Create your own templates to use over and over as well as create a consent on the fly. Simple access from the phone, tablet or computer – makes it the perfect platform for on the go business.

Insurance // Mortgage // Construction // Home Services // Marketing // Design // Consulting // Accounting // Healthcare // IT // Programming // Sales // Human Resources // And More