Help on Demand

Easily integrate with your CRM or Call Center technology. Health Insurance exchanges, as well as Health, Life, Dental and Vision Insurance companies use Help On Demand to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Connections On Demand

Call center alternative that gives you omnichannel connections to your customers via phone, chat or text. Alleviates the need for expensive call center staffing. Route your communications to remote or onsite staff via our Synapse Technology.

Lead Distribution On Demand

With both inside and outside sales reps, the Synapse technology in Lead Distribution On Demand helps you manage and route your leads quickly and efficiently. Many customers combine it with Connections On Demand for robust performance.

Big Wave Products featuring Synapse Technology

Our Products can easily be integrated with CRM or Call Center technology and can be connected via the Salesforce app marketplace.

With Synapse

Without Synapse

The Numbers

3 min

average time

Consumers are contacted using Help on Demand.

Up To




Using the technology to re-energize “Stale Leads”.

More Features of our Technology

Embracing Simplicity

Users easily navigate the intuitive app through a modern design so you can spend less time on chasing down where leads are going and more time on reporting and optimization.

Create Insights out of Data

Quickly get insight via the dashboard and know what is happening with your lead funnel in real time. This allows you to adjust your routing based on results.

Connecting End to End

Digitally connect your lead process creating more productivity and value for your business. Enable call overflow routing via your IVR to mitigate bottlenecks.